Wednesday, March 9, 2016


I've had my cell phone number since at least 2007 - a good 9 years - and I have no plans on changing it.

Unfortunately at that time when I was young, dumb, and seeing anything horny, I would give out my phone number to potential suitors. Ever notice how numbers in our phones never seem to disappear? We always store those numbers.

I've had numbers of hookups stored, but they're all gone. They were years ago when I realized they weren't coming back. As for me, I'm still dealing with suitors from the past.

Remember Chris? He added me on linkedin. There are several others who have added me on facebook like Ry, a guy named Dom, and more. There was the principal of the local Catholic school, who was a flight attendant, he added me tonight.

I am not worried - we are professionals - that was years ago - all of these people have never texted me. It's interesting. We just follow each other on facebook and ignore the past.

Has anyone else experienced that?

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