Friday, April 15, 2016

Mega Update

Hey guys, not neglecting the blog intentionally. Life has been so insanely busy.

Let's talk, shall we?

Spring Break was amazing -
Got to go to NY, Philly, and Guanajuato, MX. Rented a house in MX with my partner's cousin. We had the absolute best time - maid service, 40 foot ceilings, amazing art, and incredible food. The maid insisted on cooking for us, and of course, we tipped her. It was like our own Mexican abuelita. Lots of time was spent reading, talking, enjoying each other's company, and shopping/drinking.

Never had been to Philly either, and it is on my list of places to get back and visit.

Work -
I am applying for my admin credential today. I am on every god damn committee at work it seems and drawn into every project. My outgoing principal said I needed to be on 2 committees in particular as a part of my admin experience, one of those being the budget. So now that the school year is winding down, we know the funds we will be getting next year, and the budget is due by the end of the year, it is now my project. I do have help. I know it is good experience, too, so that works; it just takes time.

Taxes -
First time I owed - ever - not happy. Stupid Roth IRA is the reason why. Seriously considering getting rid of it and just doing a traditional IRA.

Doggy -
The day we got back from vacation we realized our dog was out of it and lethargic. We took him to the vet the middle of the week after we got back. They said he was having seizures, but not epileptic seizures.
Last Thursday night I happened to be browsing facebook and The Guy's partner posted a photo in memory of their dog who died from a brain tumor. I had to Google the symptoms, and our dog exhibited every symptom.
The dog would have seizures, but not recover, and be super disoriented. His eyes were going back into his head, blindness, rotating his head in weird directions, crashing into things, walking in circles.
2 ER visits and 3 regular vet visits. We realized he wasn't getting better. Yesterday he was pretty much comatose all day. We made the decision to put him to sleep at approximately 9pm yesterday. It was hard, and I was sitting in the vet room crying. I have realized when people are dying - I like to remember them in their happy days - open casket freaks me out - seeing people in their debilitated state is tough to be around too. I didn't want to be there when we had to make the decision - I wanted to remember him in his happy days, chasing water, standing outside the screen door playing with the kitties through the window.
I waited in the car after I said goodbye. My partner remained in the room as he died.

Vacation -
Summer vacay is planned. Thrilled. European travel included. I am trying to plan more trips since airfare is soooooo cheap right now.

Family -
My parents went to VA during break, which they enjoyed.
Still getting together with my dad weekly for breakfast, which he enjoys. He texts me Tuesday nights asking if we are going to breakfast.
Sis is still a hot mess.

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