Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Bonding with my kids over music

I always enjoy being in the classroom and discussing music with the kids. I'm that guy that knows all about the artist and background for writing the songs, even if I don't like the song.

So obviously I know about Tupac, and yes, he is alive; I taught him I tell the kids, and we go out to dinner regularly.

So what's weird is I work in a largely hispanic area, and this year I'm bonding with 3 of my annoying hispanic kids over country music. I will go so far as to play country music for them if they shut up and do their work... Here's the songs they like... I've asked what they like, and its that they sound Mexican, and his a guitar. Apparently this ended up on their youtube playlist, and they like it.

Every year I have kids that absolutely love Riiiitchie, and I love Riiitchie too.

When I was at the middle school, each year, I had kids with his album covers on their folders.

Oh, and while on my Ritchie story, our accountant at work was Lou Diamond Phillips from La Bamba for Halloween.

Some interesting other songs the kids are into this year are:

Sam Cooke

Bobby Vinton

He's so Fine - The Chiffons

And I decided for Halloween this year I'm growing my hair out, dying it black, and am going to be a Greaser.


Randy and the Rainbows

Johnny Angel

And Doo Wop Diddies like this:

So this past semester my 7th period class was full of these songs on the daily if the kids were doing their work.

Long list, but these are all the songs we played that I specifically recall. I am posting since I was so impressed with their diverse love of the oldies.

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nice choices all! :)