Sunday, July 24, 2016

Summer of Travel

Back home after a long month of travel.

Went up to Central California, then home for a few days, flew to Munich, then did a river cruise from Basel to Amsterdam. Got to explore German countryside and culture.

Here's a few observations and things of the like:
- I forgot how in every European country it seems you have to pay to use the bathroom (remember to drink less)
- I love how cheap wine, beer, and alcohol is ($3 euro)
- Amsterdam has the best gin and tonics with rosemary. Yes, it was amazing.
- Amsterdam had a great WW2 Museum that was very interactive and done from the perspective of Amsterdam
- After all the German beer everywhere I still don't like it. And I don't care I get looks for not ordering it. I don't want heartburn.
- Met a lot of new friends from the south and my partner's European work counterpart

In the US now in the airport. My flight is delayed, and I am glad, actually. I finally have a few moments to sit, relax, and decompress. I've been reading all of my blogger friend's posts to see what is new in their lives since I had limited internet access.

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