Tuesday, August 23, 2016

A new opportunity

This summer I made it a point to network, which is part of how I went to Dallas to see my best friend, and also got to visit with DaninOKC. It seems now I have networked with the right individuals, and in a few weeks I will be presenting at several conferences in my area. I am excited to add this to my resume, get to network with fellow teachers, and gain experience/knowledge in this particular field.


So this leads me to work - my VP is jealous of me and probably considers me a threat, so he's not taking to this new opportunity for me well. That's ok.

And VP is just on the stupid meter to put it mildly. He decided to do an observation on me when I wasn't even there. You read that correctly. I fought back and told him the stupidity in it, and he disagreed, so union got involved. Now he's being a little kid and is not talking to me. Oh well.

We now have a new principal coming in, and we have only heard good things about this guy, so that is hopeful. Everyone is hoping he will reign the VP in.

Personal Life/Travel

Things are great with my partner and me. We have lots of trips planned, and something almost every weekend this coming month where we are staying overnight at places, or going out with friends. We are booked solid through mid-October. Partner is encouraging me again to venture into new fields in my work, such as VP... no, but thanks for the offer. LOL.

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