Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Hopeful travels

Mentioned this a few posts ago, but didn't go into the optimism I guess outside of my resume...

This summer I made it a point to network, which is part of how I went to Dallas to see my best friend, and also got to visit with DaninOKC. It seems now I have networked with the right individuals, and in a few weeks I will be presenting at several conferences in my area. I am excited to add this to my resume, get to network with fellow teachers, and gain experience/knowledge in this particular field.

My plan/hope is to have excellent reviews presenting at my first conference, which will grant me the opportunity to present at conferences throughout the Golden State. This would make for awesome weekend getaways for my partner and me.

Next summer I hope that I can present throughout the Lonestar State, as well as anywhere my partner and I want to travel. He is the one who usually supplies our weekend getaways, but this would give us inspiration to venture out I hope. Then because he is the one always in charge of trips I hope that we can explore some new places.

I really want to visit all 50 states, so I plan to apply to places in the Dakotas, Iowa, Missouri Montana, and Georgia... different geographic location, but it is on my must visit.

So we need to have a kiki... I realized I have visited 25 states... the list is below... not all, but most.
New Mexico

WY, MT, KS, MS, VT, ME, NE, IA, UT (SLC), OH, WI area all on my must visit, so if something comes up, and I can get there cheap, then hey, yay!

I so want to go back to Dallas and visit my Flaming Saddles. Had the best time. I really enjoyed the area
I full expect to be in DFW next year around June, then head out for a foreign place that I have been accepted for a summer teaching job. That's the plan.

Oh, so I haven't mentioned that I have been applying for a mortgage preapproval/qualification. I am hoping to find a house to rent out for additional income. 

Does anyone else love a pedicure? I am in desperate need, and just waiting until the 1st. Have some ugly toenails and toe crust to the sides that need taken care of. Damn feet.
I think mi madre is gonna retire this year. Kinda sad. She needs to work forever... LOL. I saw how she was with being off for a year. SHe needed a hobby.

Some other jams as of late. 

And back to travels...

We don't have plans this weekend, but all weekends for the foreseeable future have happenings. I suggested Vegas, PHX, and SLC this weekend. All 3 would be great. Never been to SLC. 

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