Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Needing an east coast trip

Thankfully there a couple east coast trips coming up for me in the next few months - unfortunately not to NYC.

I was just talking with someone at work the other day how we love the east coast. We enjoy how people dress up - people wear suits, people have amazing shoes to go with their suits. We enjoy how people know business casual for an after work bar.

I need me some Eyewitness News with Sade and Diana. I like the sounder for WABC... lol... nerdy, I know.

I am thankful in the next few months I will likely get to visit Philly more.

I enjoy always going to NYC and imagining I am a local. I enjoy just walking around, the humidity, the rain. I am always enthralled where people come from, how they live, and what it must be like to live there.  And all of this makes me want to travel around the world more. There were many cities in Germany I visited, which would probably give me that feel.

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