Friday, December 30, 2011

Awkward Tension

I have ran into Keith 3 times this past month out with his boyfriend and company. Both times have been EXTREMELY awkward.

The first time was about a month ago the night after Thanksgiving I think, Black Friday, when I was meeting my lesbian coworkers at a gay bar. I walked in, took a seat at the bar, and voila, Keith was there in company with his new boyfriend, some young twinkie Arabic guy who was al over him. The guy was humping Keith, getting up on his back as he was sitting at the bar, and then the 2 of them were making out. My coworkers walk in and Keith looks over. He gave me several stares like I was not supposed to be there. I just nodded and chatted away with my coworkers before we decided to go on a walk instead around the hotels downtown looking at Christmas lights.

The second time I ran into him was at Target or somewhere similar- I can't remember. I was shopping and scrolling through my phone looking at my Christmas shopping list- who I needed to buy for- as he walked through the aisle. He said, "Hi Mike," in a stern voice and walked past me. I looked up and said "hi" as he turned to go down a different aisle.

The third time was Christmas night. I met my cousin in downtown to go Christmas light hunting and go through the hotels decorated for Christmas. She told me to meet on bar row, so I agreed, and was in the middle of giving her a call when I am walking and I see Keith and his boyfriend who was walking behind him with his arms around him. I am standing at the crosswalk and I see in the distance it is him. The light turns green, I walk across the street, and near where he is. He turns around, acts like nothing is going on, and says, "Hi Mike." I nodded and walked past him, past 3 bars to the one I was meeting my cousin. As I walked up to it I could feel his eyes on me staring. He then yelled "bye Mike." I was nearly in the bar by then and I didn't wave.

I get a text from him a few hours later that just said "awkward." I haven't replied.


fan of casey said...

Mike: Why do you let him annoy you? If you are done with him as a friend, his actions should mean little to you. Why give him any satisfaction by even thinking about it?

I'm guessing after you boldly told him the truth that maybe you expected that would have driven some kind of apology or contrition on his part. Instead it's been swept under the rug as if nothing happened and that feels unfair. Like he's dissing you.

Nicholas said...

Was that why you we were texting the other night? Lol!

Aek said...

Hahaha, Target. :-P