Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Traditions

Merry Christmas!!!

I wanted to share my family's Christmas tradition with you to see if anyone does the same thing as this dominated much of my bf's and my conversations this week:


1. We bake tons of Christmas cookies.

2. We have a big nice dinner on Christmas Eve that my dad preps. Usually it is steaks or a rib eye roast.

3. After my dad cooks dinner we clean up, then get ready to open gifts.

4. My mom is usually insistent we sing a Christmas carol or two before opening up gifts. I mouth them. That's not something I enjoy. Put the holiday station on in the back and I'm good.
MY BF thought this was the weirdest thing and none of the people he talked to had ever heard of such a thing. He questioned everyone we met if they did that, and the response was overwhelmingly no, what planet are you from>

5. We open up gifts on CHRISTMAS EVE. It is something we have always done- my mom has done it - her mom talked about the tradition starting back in the 1930s when her husband proposed to her on Christmas Eve. My dad's side of the family does it too- a Roman Catholic family. My best friend does it too as it is a German tradition.
Does anyone else do this?! I can think of probably 10 people I know who open all of their gifts Christmas Eve and then get stockings/pajamas etc. the next day on Christmas Day. Some people I know get a small gift on Christmas Eve, then they open up everything the next day, which my BF thinks is normal. These are all of the family gifts after all that we have bought for each other, so it seems appropriate, then the "Santa gifts" are for Christmas Day. My question is when things are wrapped and under the tree prior to Christmas, how are they from Santa?

6. We get stockings every year and it is full of gift certificates, candies, Life Savers, even though Santa is not real, my parents fill them.

7. We only have stockings and maybe 1 leftover present for Christmas day since of course Santa is not real.

8. My dad makes a nice breakfast or we snack on candy and cookies before going to the relatives.


fan of casey said...


1. Done it.
2. Done it.
3. Partially done it, except I do most of the cooking. See #5 for gift opening.
4. Never. You love music so I don't understand why you don't sing along for real.
5. We can select one gift to open on the eve, the rest are opened Christmas morning.
6. No stockings (few houses in Hawaii have chimneys)
7. See answer to #5
8. Go to my brother's house for breakfast and watch my nieces open their presents.

Other than #4, you are pretty much the norm as far as I'm concerned. Happy holidays.

When you and the BF move in together, create your own unique holiday traditions.

Buddy Bear said...

Your family traditions are excellent and sound pretty normal to me. My family is from Finland where presents are always opened on Christmas Eve. This is also the case in many parts of Europe.

Mind Of Mine said...

I like these traditions.

My Mother likes when me and my Brother sing a Christmas carol or two before going to bed on Christmas Eve.

In Ireland and the Uk, Everyone opens their presents on Christmas day, as Santa doesn't come until you fall asleep on Christmas eve.

Usually, if we are up early, we will eat a fry up. Sausages, bacon and egg.

I hope you had a great Christmas day.

Bruce said...

Merry Christmas Mike!! I'm from the south and we always opened all our presents on Christmas Eve. Christmas Eve dinner at paternal grandparents and SURPRISE when we got home Santa had come. Then Christmas Day dinner at maternal grandparents house.

dan said...

Merry Christmas and Happy new year!!!! :)

Mike said...

@ fan of casey: In response to #4 it is awful to sit and go through it.
@ Buddy Bear: Thank you for the validation and explanation!
@ Mind of Mine: Thanks, glad we are not alone with the singing.
@ Bruce: Merry Christmas- although belated! I have a few friends who also opened their presents on Christmas Eve like you described. Glad to hear!
@ Dan: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!