Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Recap of last week for my sake

- I was so over work - we went to Home Goods and other random stores, ate dinner at the fish house, walked around the mall, got icicle lights for the tree outside, Target

- Up early for home visits, went to Mike's after, went shopping to the city to the east and looked for more icicle lights/walked around the shopping center, Hallmark, Petco, dinner in the evening at Claim Jumper, Target, etc.

- Up and off to Kohls, breakfast, Target
- Head home about 12:30 to meet Linda, her husband, and do Christmas with them, set up Christmas tree, go looking at houses with her, back to ours for dinner

- Up and off to work... long day
- Dentist after school
- Off to Mike's after where he makes some chicken strips, yummy potatoes, and some bread for dinner
- Go grocery shopping after and to Target

- Over to Mike's about 3 to hang out until the awkward work Christmas party where no spouses/significant others were allowed to attend. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't a great party. It was ok. Stayed for a few hours to chat people up and then headed back to Mike's where i told him about the party, laid, and tickled him

- Up and off to work... I did it! Woo!
- Got to his place about 2:30 and we chat, talk, tell him about my day, the homework I had to do, chat with my dad, and head home for his help

- Excited for tomorrow and the weekend......!!!


Mind Of Mine said...

Hi Mike,

I no I have said this before and it's not my intention to be so critical But have you noticed a decline in readership due to the changes in how you post.

In recent months there have been a lot of posts like this, breakdowns of your week/weekends. But not much insight into your life, feelings etc.

It is hard to maintain interest or relate to stuff like this.

Again, I hope this doesn't offend you.

fan of casey said...

Mike: I'm OK with your summary format, I realize you are busy working full time now and don't have the luxury to give us a full reflection or insight into what's going on or how you are feeling.

Others may find "just the facts" to be less engaging but I appreciate the effort to still post regularly while you are busy.

Aek said...

Wow, you go to Target A LOT it seems, lol.

Just said...

Mike I for one hope your not doing this blog for numbers! There are us that are out here that actually read because we care, and connect with you through what you blog about( reguardless of the depth in which you do.) It comes out loud and clear your a caring person... you will not lose me in readership....I do have to agree with Aek ( you go to target a lot lmao sign of the times lol ) anyway thanks for being you and sharing what you share when you can !

Mike said...

@ Mind of Mine, Fan of Casey, and Just: No hard feelings - I understand and appreciate the criticism. I try to post things that appeal to everyone, as well as what I am feeling/what I like at the moment. It has been hard over the past few months to post major deep feelings other than I'm in love and so happy, and he's so cute...

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Mind Of Mine said...

I'm in love and so happy, and he's so cute...