Monday, December 26, 2011

Because I was a kid of the 90s...

I had to think about what the top toys of the 90s were prior to reading this story. 5-6 came to mind and here's my list:

1. Tomagotchi's/Nano's
2. Furbies - 1998
3. Pogs -1st grade for me
4. Tickle Me Elmos- 1996
5. Beanie Babies
6. Nintendo 64, Sega, Playstation
7. Gameboys

... And here's what the "researchers" said... I got several correct, but no Furby? No Tickle Me Elmo?


fan of casey said...

Mike: I always felt furbies were kind of creepy.

Aek said...

Oh man, I remember all of those things! Those were the days, lol.

B said...

Yeah, Furbies remind me of the Mogwai from Gremlins. Don't feed them after midnight . . .

POGS!! Haha, I had a big neon green tube of them. I didn't like to play with them though, just collect them.