Wednesday, September 19, 2012

My whereabouts

Last few weeks I've been at school until 6pm or later everyday.

Weekend before last we returned Mike's rental car after him being out of town all week and then we went shopping at the mall and had lunch. We met our friends J&B, then we went grocery shopping and off to Mike and their friend's youtube party. HORRIBLE. Sitting listening to Diznee freaks and teachers talk about life. Weird people. We were there until after midnight, then went back to their house where we talked a few minutes, then went to bed. Woke up about 8:30 or so, showered, and then decided to go to lunch at the Mexican restaurant we had brunch at last time. Many refills of champagne, even calling the waiter back many times. Good convo. Slept all evening. Did lesson plans. Mike made fishies for dinner. Brought some for Tagalong the next day. She loved it.

Last week I was at work until late nearly every evening and then running to the city my parents live in to go to physical therapy, dinner with family, and shots. Busy. My BF was home all week, but it was 9 or so every night until I saw him.

We finally got together Friday night and we pondered a trip to Vegas, but then decided to do that on Saturday. I threw that out randomly as I realized I had free hotel rooms and wanted to get away. We decided to go to dinner at a restaurant I picked because I was having a bad week. We talked a lot at dinner and then came home to bed.

Saturday we got up and packed the car to go to Vegas. I slept about half the way there. Parked at Planet Hollywood and then walked all around the shopping areas looking for BR sales. Found some blue pants for work at one. YAY! We then went to Mario Batali's restaurant in the Venetian for lunch. The pizza was pretty good and cheese was great. We didn't eat there last time since it seemed so expensive, but it wasn't for lunch.

Went to hotel off strip and relaxed. Decided to walk around there, then tried to take trolley over to strip. LONG LINE. Mike said we would go in the bar, have a drink, chatted about our friends J&B a lot, flirted. Then we decided to find a restaurant in hotel. About to do steakhouse, but M wanted fish. We had a great view at the kitchen seeing in and chatting with chefs as they made our food. It was really good and enjoyable. Nice dessert too. Went back to the bar and drank. Tried to go to rooftop bar, but huge line. We went to tables instead and played video poker at the bar and M won $540.00 on a game. Paid for the trip. We went and had a drink, then went to bed about midnight.

Up about 8 or so. Down to bar for mimosas and breakfast. Talked about phones. BF is getting a new one for work. iPhone didn't impress me. Found a Sunday ad for an electronics store that was super cheap. Same phone he was getting. We go in and I decided to buy an awful Samsung android monstrosity. I liked it and really enjoyed it for the ride home. Made my BF jealous as we tried to figure out voice and navigation etc. He played with it while I planned lessons. Bed about 10.

Monday at work was tough. Admin drama.

Tuesday was worse. I was at school until 9pm.

Today was a conference I went to that was amazing.

Back to work tomorrow. BOO.


fan of casey said...

So is there a particular reason why work is suddenly so taxing? Is it just temporary?

Mike said...

Coordinating duties for the program I teach, and the person running the school who doesn't make any task easy.