Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Offroading weekend


- After visiting with my mom and dad getting shots, we went to Olive Garden, and then headed home. Went to Mike's afterward to watch and meet with my kitty.


- Got home after work and hung out with my cat, relaxed, and did some chores around the house.


- My bf made dinner and we hung out at home.


- I had a miserable day at work. I was mad at everyone and everything. I got home and bitched to Mike about the principal making an error on our pay - not submitting timecards on time and so we were not being paid for our extended day. I talked about the legalities/union issues to Mike who basically said we teachers need to just refuse to work and not follow the union. He said 60 teachers is stronger than the union, so we just release the kids and start teaching at the old time. Um... obviously he's never stood in front of 35 kidlets all at once like that... he'd understand why you wouldn't do that.

We go to a Modern Mexican restaurant I'd been wanting to try. I was texting my cousin, so invited her along, and she met us there. We chatted about her not having a car, her new job, working as a cocktail waitress, and religion. 3 margaritas and a glass of wine had me feeling pretty fly. Head home watching the moon and chatting...

Bed about 10:30.


- Up about 8 and shower. He makes Ina's pancakes for breakfast. They were delicious. We started talking about things to do, and I suggested a trip up Hi-way 395. He changed his rental car to start during the weekend and we head to pick out a rental. We get a 2013 Tahoe, which was pretty nice, and needed. Head up the 395 and stop at Mt. Whitney Park; then Manzanar, the Japanese WWII internment camp; and then decided that we needed to find a hotel. Mike and I switched positions and I drove while he found a hotel. This was only his 2nd roadtrip where he never booked a hotel. We find a hotel in Mammoth, so I drive us there. We enjoy the nice 30-50 degree temps. We get the hotel, drive around, and then unpack at the hotel. We go out to the shuttle for dinner. Go up to the bluegrass festival and see no food places. End up going to an upscale chain restaurant. Mike and I get to talking to 2 older ladies in their 60s who were out drinking without their husbands. They had suggestions for us how to spend the day/night. We chatted about work with them since they were former teachers. By the end we were all hugging and saying our goodbyes. The food was delish- mussels, bread, crab cakes, and mas. We go to the bar at the hotel to see some women rockers. We discover we are the oldest there, so finish our wine quickly. Go back to the hotel where we tickle and I fall asleep in his arms.


- Up about 7:45ish and we jack each other off. I coudln't get off. Damn anxiety meds. I am going to go get some new ones. I hate not being able to get off. I haven't gotten off in over a week. No more Prozac para mi. We go to the bakery for breakfast, then drive up to Mono Lake (2x the salt of the ocean). Then we go to Bishop for the Bristlecone Pine Forest. Beautiful drive up to nearly 11,500 feet. LOVED IT. Offroading. Dinner at a steakhouse where we chat about my sister and her car accident before I met Mike - somehow we got to talking about insurance. Mike wanted dessert. I wanted to go bowling. I overruled him and we went bowling. He won the first game like 105-75, then 104 for me and 88 for him. The final game he won too. Drank a pitcher of beer. Back to hotel for bed. Bed about 9.


- Up early for breakfast in hotel - cinnamon roll. Then off to Vons for nothing, then got gas, then Subway. Got sandwiches. Met the friendliest workers at this Subway - we really enjoyed it. Headed to Manzanar Concentration Camp again, then to a park we found that had another offroad path. We head home after this and arrive about 6 so I could do some lesson planning.


- Tough day at work. I was at work until 6p.m. Don't tell me teachers don't work.


fan of casey said...

Let's see a pic of your new kitty. What the name?

Aek said...

Some nice pics! Sounds like a nice little trip. :-) But man, couldn't get off for a week?! That sucks.