Thursday, September 27, 2012

TMI Thursday: Drink! Drink! Drink!


1.  Are you a cheap date?

Nope. I like Jack and Coke, or sapphire and tonic. Don't try to skimp me on cheap whiskey. It has to be jack, Black velvet is ok, or Lord Calvert. Southern Comfort doesn't cut it.  Expensive drinks. 

2. What is your favorite drink? (you can have different ones for different occasions)

A night with friends at a nice dinner or the one I love: wine, especially red in the winter
A night out with friends: sapphire and tonic or jack and coke
At a Mexican restaurant: a margarita
A night out where I'm getting tipsy: jack and cokes with a sapphire
Always open to try new things
A romantic night out, a night at a steakhouse: a Manhattan... call me old fashioned

3. Worst experience?

This. No rum. EVER. Mimosas are nasty. Rum and coke is horrible. 

4. Beer goggles?


5. What's the funniest thing you've done while drinking?

I get very touchy and hit everyone/everything. I love a good bulge in a guy's pants.

Ever drunk dial?

Nope... only texted...


Mind Of Mine said...

Ha! I get a bit slappy when I am drinking too.

Hurikane El Swiss said...

lol i think i am going to do this now, do you have a twitter btw?