Saturday, September 29, 2012

Drinking Weekends

Friday before last was sister's birthday, so I went to Fridays with the family to celebrate. Sis was in a bitchy mood and I wasn't feeling it. I left about 8 and went back to join Mike.

Saturday AM 
Erased my Samsung Galaxy SIII and were off to Frys to return the phone. Easy return. They were even able to reverse the upgrade. Found out they had a 64gb white iPhone 5, and it was the 2nd to last one. It was mine. Long time since computers were slow, but the girl was cool and flirty. Back in the car I texted The Guy, and then chatted with him about how great my new toy was. He didn't have one, and won't be for a long time. WOO. We drove down to Long Beach and shopped BR. Stopped at Maggianos where we were the hit in the bar with my new iPhone, a cool bartender who was jealous of my phone, and 2 drunk girls. 1 gin and tonic, 1 glass of chardonnay, 2 shots of tequila with cinnamon and orange that drunk girl raved about. Tequila with cinnamon is not the biz, but hey, fun pics of us and them. Slept on the car ride home. Slept more when we got home.

Out and about, went to Petco and other stores... didn't find alot. Did some lesson planning and made out and fooled around in bed.

Work week wasn't bad, but benchmark testing and people drama made work tiring.

Visited the parents on Wednesday and Thursday.

Friday I went to a retirement party with my mom at a buffet. Left about 9. Did get caught up with The Guy and my best friend on the drive to the buffet.

Today we went to the post office to get a package, dry cleaners, Mike made waffles. Went to PS away from Carmageddon for BR and lunch. Triple tequila shot margarita and lots of drunk photos, and one made its way online, courtesy of my BF. Drove back for another BR and lots of touching on the way back. Back here and one of us crashed on the couch. I'm watching Big Bang Theory


Mind Of Mine said...

So your Sister has not improved her behaviour! Crazy bitch

fan of casey said...

So what's the name of your new kitty cat?

fan of casey said...

Let's see your new kitty. How about dressing up like this:

Mike said...

My cat is Simeon.