Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A little bit of this and a little bit of that

Blogging at midnight when I should be sleeping... a little bit of everything on my mind.

Are these not the coolest shoes? I want a pair. 

Spent the weekend going from the mountains to the desert. Chaperoned an all night field trip, then Sissy and I went to breakfast at Dennys. Oh, we did dance Gangham Style. Yum red velvet pancake pops. I was up like 26 hours. Wow.
Went to the mountains for 30 degree temps and a delicious dinner when I woke up. Found some real estate. Back home for the night where we went to Palm Springs the next day. Met some friends of Mike's and spent the night there.

Productive weekend. I washed my BF's car, vacuumed both of ours, cleaned the dash and all the important stuff. Picked up around the house, did massive amounts of laundry.

Sweater weather is here. YAY!

My new favorite song. Partial to Joan Baez, but the guitarist has the sexiest voice of all the Zac Brown Band members.

This song was in my head all week, and thanks to Joey for helping me figure it out.

Enough hickness. Here's another diddy I'm digging. Ok... it is country... but it is sexy.

This was in my head also all week, and it became a catch line at school.

Speaking of work we don't need to talk about that. Drama. Principal is leaving. Mixed feelings on that as much as I despise her some days. She isn't all bad, but she's not all good. Whoever you get can be worse.

Sister apparently wrote a thesis and had to defend it. Of course the world revolved around her and everything had to come to a standstill for that. Did you feel it? I dunno... my sister didn't seem like an expert on whatever it was she was presenting.

Oh, and speaking of my sister, sister story time. I have free Vegas nights and told my parents I'd take them as a part of their Christmas gift. I got 4 tickets to the show they really want to see.

So I haven't told them the part about the show, but I did say that I got 2 hotel rooms for the 4 of us, and we would be staying at a nice hotel. I have it all planned as far as shopping, restaurants, etc. We were in Red Robin eating, and my sister said we weren't going. She couldn't go. She had to stay home to care for the house. She had to care for the dog. She had to work. She couldn't work in a hotel room. There's tons of drunks in Vegas. There's smoking. And I wanted to say something and say she had to go because I have 4 tickets, but alas, I didn't. She broke out crying in the middle of the restaurant. UM. She's 23? 22? I forget, but WTF?

So that's what's going on in my neck of the woods as Al Roker would say. He annoys me BTW.


Biki said...

That is one eclectic song list! While I'm not a fan of country, or folk you are right, fhe lead singer of the Zac Brown Band, does have a sexy voice.

Aek said...

Your sister is as odd as ever. Did she pass her defense or did they rip her apart?

Anonymous said...

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