Thursday, August 1, 2013

Laugh Laugh

Over at Sean's blog, Just a Jeep Guy, he posted a survey, and I decided to do it to relax and calm down after a week of hell.

 1. Do you have a good laugh? Do you like it?

It has gotten better, and I'm ok with it. 

 2. Do you have a sense of humor? What kind?

My sense of humor is dry and campy at times. 

 3. How important is a sense of humor in a mate?

It is very important. My man has a great sense of humor, much like mine, yet different.

 4. Are you attracted to one type of humor over another?

Dry humor. 
People who state the obvious in a funny way like Chelsea Handler

 5. Can being really funny make an "unfortunate looking" person sexy and attractive to you?

Yes, some people are over the top.

 6. Fart jokes are_______! 

My favorite. Potty humor makes me laugh constantly. Joke time. Here's the kind of jokes I like.

Q= What was William Shakespeare's greatest decision he had to make as a baby?
A= To pee or not to pee.


 7. Do you embarrass easily?

Yes. Sometimes

 8. Do you tend to wear silly t-shirts? Do you have a favorite? 
Nope. I wear pretty conservative t-shirts.

 9. Do you make faces or strike a pose when having your picture taken? 
I put on a nice smile because I have some really horrid photos where I didn't smile or tried to make a bad pose.

10. Which is the funniest movie you've seen? 
Ummm... I don't know.

11. Do clowns scare you or make you laugh?
Laugh? I don't know, nothing wrong with them.


What's the funniest thing to happen to you while having sex?

Passing gas when being fucked?

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