Monday, August 12, 2013

So much has been going on

School started... weeks ago. I'm teaching English this year. Never taught it. It has been a rollercoaster of emotions as my heart really isn't in it, but I'm coming around to accept the fact. I know why the principal moved me there - I am a dominant personality who sticks up for what I believe, and I don't take BS basically is what it boils down to... that and we lost 300 students due to new district boundaries and new schools.

New principal, new coworkers, new things to learn, tons of new planning and grading, tons of lesson plan writing. Ick. It makes me sick. I have not been sleeping. In 3 weeks I have only slept 2 nights, all night. Last night I fell asleep around 3am and was up at 6. The night before I slept all night. I woke up 5-6 times on Friday night.

Lots of drama at work discussing our first unit. I have a masters in curriculum - I am an expert with backward planning, and assignments building upon one another. Don't challenge me when it comes to that. I will stand up. I will be a bitch. I will tell you that you are wrong. I will challenge your idea and tell you why. I know I have never taught English, but I know when something is so clearly wrong and should not be taught. I understood her purpose, but it was completely inappropriate how she was choosing to do this unit. The reason I fought it is we are supposed to have common lesson plans etc., so if I weren't doing the same story than her there were going to be issues. I sure as hell was not going to do that. And I called many people who agreed with me. Oh, and in the end I get my way. But long week.

Family is fine. Sister still has no job. Lives at home. Graduated with a masters she finally decided to go back and get. Dad's retired. Mom is happy at work.

As far as my relationship goes with Mike. We had a rough patch about a month ago. I was looking at an inappropriate site and there were some hurt feelings/things we had to talk about. We are back on track and as happy as ever.

On a new anxiety med. Zoloft. It is not new for me. I had it. I didn't like it because all I did was gain weight. Prozac did nothing. Need to lose 10 pounds.

Friends... haven't seen a lot of them lately. Talked to The Guy and he is doing ok. His bf's grandma has had health issues, so plans with him are up in the air. Gonzo is constantly sick - comes with being preggers.

Been traveling a lot on the weekends - just random trips around the area, but it has been fun. Spent last weekend at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery picnicking and watching a movie with my man. Spent a night in a hotel after...

Few weekend trips coming up that I am thrilled for, and are keeping me energized and giving me things to look forward to during the week.

Eating a new breakfast. I cannot do another year of toast and peanut butter, or toast and jelly. I need a break from that. I'm into breakfast smoothies now with banana, blueberries, strawberries, or some type of berry, almond milk, nonfat yogurt, and a dash of vanilla or stevia. I'm still perfecting the perfect recipe, but it is keeping me full until lunch and I'm not having to get a snack in between. It's pretty healthy, so that's a good deal.

So yeah, need to lose 10 pounds. I love me my wine. The only sugars I'm eating are from the fruits in the morning from the shake. Lunch is a pasta dish, chicken dish, or some dish. Dinner is what Mike cooks.


fan of casey said...

Wow! Lots has been going on. It's bad not getting enough sleep, when your mind is racing about all the things you have to do, even when you are exhausted, you cannot rest.

My prior job was like that, working 70-80 hours a week with no end in sight, and they just pile on more work, after 15 months, I gave up and left. I asked for help but they wouldn't budge, so I left.

BTW, your package is on its way, should be there tomorrow, Tuesday.

Aek said...

Don't forget to take a moment and just breathe and take your pulse! Advice that I myself have to follow, especially now.