Tuesday, January 6, 2015

NYC NYE 2015

Home from 2 weeks in/near the Big Apple... A look at the higlights

The First Few Days...
- Great business class flight to NJ with plenty of drinks and pleasant flight attendants
- Watched 2 shows - Jersey Boys and Saving Mr. Banks
- Off to Jersey City to shop and spend time with our friends A&E
- Hit up the outlets at Jersey Gardens
- Spent time with BF's parents going shopping, getting mom a new phone, ate out at lots of good restaurants
- Drove around the hometown

Brooklyn Bound...
- Met our friend, L, at EWR for us to return our car
- We drove through the city and to Brooklyn to our new hotel
- Ventured down to Mike's other friend, K, who lived in the city last year
- Ate out with her a few times
- NYE we did a bunch of shopping to the tune of $300 for our appetizer, lasagna, and drinks NYE celebration
- Enjoyed the house she is staying at
- Spent time talking with friends and mingling during the NYE celebration
- Went to the roof for a very Brooklyn NYE
- Ventured into a mostly closed New Years Day Williamsburg
- Went to the movies to see "Into the Woods" and saw Big Boo from OITNB
- Dinner at a nice restaurant

- Went to new hotel
- Ventured uptown to shop and explore Hells Kitchen
- In and out of bars for drinks
- Saw "Motown: The Musical" - Great music and songs - hated that they only played snippets of the songs
- Saw Wall St., Theo Roosevelt birth house, A Coop Firehouse, across from that where Poe wrote "Cask of Amontillado"
- Shopped MOMA, many of our favorites in or around Union Square
- Said goodbye to L
- Had the most amazing Indian food
- Met up with friends we met on our Alaska cruise last July in NYC who are from my BF's hometown
- Got my NYC snow... for like an hour... then it turned into rain... it was cold enough to snow, though.
- Deeply disappointed we left the day before the snow arrived

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