Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Line dancing, yee haw!!!

So I'm making it a goal to become better at line dancing this year. I am making it my goal to go to the local line dancing club on nights they have line dancing, and my partner is not home. He won't go to the club for many reasons - the people aren't that accepting he thinks, he doesn't dance, and its something I can do with my cousins instead of him. So the times I get to go are very slim...

I blogged already there's a gay line dance bar in the Silverlake portion of LA, but that's far. I've been. Years ago.

I try to watch youtube videos and memorize the steps, but there are so many dances. There are the basics - the 2 step, the tush push, electric slide, cha cha slide, and cupid shuffle. I can mostly do those. I can't remember all the steps.

I also find when I watch the youtube videos as the people are doing all sorts of turns and end up facing the wall (and me away from the screen), I can't see the steps, and I've already forgotten it.

I find I have to be in the club watching other people and mimic their steps for me to learn. Somehow my brain and watching the steps, and mimicking what I see on youtube does not match.

I want to get better, but when I don't have friends around, and can't make sense of the youtube videos it seems like a losing game.

So for now, I am going to use these cheat sheets. 

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