Thursday, February 5, 2015

We made it

Long and tough month.

It was my birthday month. 2-3 days after my birthday, the inlaws showed up for the month. It wasn't too bad. They have been here 2 times before with me around. They are nice enough. His mom and I get along well, but his dad is very opinionated and harder to deal with. I enjoyed being taken out to dinner many nights and being wined and dined. I won't miss FOX News each night, the car auction shows on TV, and all other sporting events on TV.

Spent lots of time on the phone with my parents- I call them daily - listening to their kitchen remodel nightmare. My advice to you - avoid really commercial sounding names when it comes to home improvement projects, and don't choose a contractor just because he "is a good Christian" and has the Christian fish symbol on his business card. I find so often those "good" Christians are out to take people who give into that shit - my parents included. Thank god I don't live at home.

I am teaching an extra class at work - that has taken a lot of my time too.

I've been applying for adjunct positions at the local colleges. No bites so far. Damn.

I think I'm going to do that admin degree. I need something to occupy my time. Don't wanna take out the loan.

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