Monday, February 9, 2015

Exercise suggestions

I hate to say it - I can no longer eat or drink anything without doing a lot of exercise to burn off the calories. A couple of glasses of wine or alcohol here or there, some sweets, and savory foods thrown in all catch up with me.

I've been stuck around 170lbs for weeks.

So at the gym I've been switching up what I do - I go 4 days, and do cardio 2, then weights 2 (legs and upper body).

My partner after 5 years of saying he would never go to the gym has just given in. He is telling me my issue is I do weights. He said I should just be going and doing straight cardio each day. He said it is not about having muscle definition - it is about being skinny. He brings up the example of our friend B, who is into swimming. He swims 4-5 times a week for 30 minutes a day. He has the same exact build as me. SAME. If you were to place us side by side in our bathing suits you would see the tone in the same places. He is, however, able to burn and keep the weight off. Is it because he is doing cardio? I am debating. He has lost 2 pant sizes. I am thinking of switching to 3 days cardio and 1 day weights.

Any suggestions to help me bring sexy back?

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dan said...

Mike, sorry I got your message on this and hadn't replied. As you get older you'll fine more cardio is beneficial. you can do lighter weights more reps for basic tone and strength if time allows. otherwise absolutely swim, but really it also has to do with sugar intake. Do you eat pretty clean? I limited sugar all last summer with great benefits. this year my goal has been to limit sugar and salt. of course once it warms up I plan to swim morning laps again so i can get two a day in. here's to summer!! :) btw 5 years w/ the bf, SO AWESOME!!!! :)