Saturday, February 21, 2015

Feeling a stress

How's it going? Having a great weekend at a conference in the Bay Area for work. I don't know anyone, and that's ok. I'm just doing my things, learning, and enjoying it. I sometimes like going places I don't know anyone and getting to do my own thing, and be on my own.

Been feeling anxiety lately. Not anxiety from work, family, relationship or my personal life. I am worried about friendships as of recent - Gonzo and The Guy, but could that be it? A lot of it is we haven't talked with Gonzo, and I said some things to The Guy that really upset him, and we haven't talked in weeks. My anxiety has just spiked, and I'm not sure why. Going back on my anxiety meds... there goes being able to orgasm. Was in my hotel room last night and had the hardest time getting off.


Aek said...

Darn, you should've told me you were going to the Bay Area! I would've driven up and hung out. Except I'm in Austin, TX right now (heading back tomorrow).

Anxiety is weird and can hit at any moment. And that's an annoying/unfortunate adverse effect of your meds. Have you considered switching to another kind that may work in a different way to achieve the same anti-anxiety effect?

dan said...

you know what, if it becomes hard to orgasm, give it a break, or relax and just get some sleep. I hear you though.
hope you are doing better. Ic an't imagine what you said to the guy, but I know you guys are always pretty frank with one another. cheers.