Thursday, May 28, 2015

Came out to a tough crowd

I was invited out with some coworkers, which felt nice, especially at a school where I don't like and get along with many. There are a few cool people.

Big Science Teacher invited us out after graduation last night to a bar. It was about 8 guys from work, and 2 girls. About 8 of the people I like, and the rest, I'm not fans. So we were all at several tables put together, and I was about 3 Jacks in, and I felt the confidence to talk to Jullee, the new science teacher, who is sadly not able to return next year. I told her I had a partner when we were talking about things around where she lives becuase my partner and I like to go down to her city to hang out with J&B.

The night progressed and I came out to our AM math teacher. She taught PM last year. She wanted to see photos and pics. We were talking about what we like to do for fun, and I said travel, eat out, and she asked if I like to dance. I said yes, but my partner doesn't. She said "ohhh... aww... let's see him."

I'm sure the judgmental math teacher across from us, and maybe 1-2 more heard, but oh well. I am sure a few of them may speak negatively about it, but oh well.

And today in my 4th period as we are leaving for summer break a student, Mac, asked if he could ask me a personal question - he was1 of 2 kids in the room. When he said that I knew what was coming - I said he could. He said, "Mr. Teacher, are you married or gay?" I said I was gay, but partnered. He said that clears up a lot of questions. I can be whatever, he has heard I am gay, he has heard I am straight, so he didn't know. I am at the point where if kids ask I will tell them as long as it is not intimidating and I don't fear they will be chismosos or give me a hard time for it. And that was fucking hard to admit. That sounds like something Mac would say. LOL.

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Anonymous said...

Sounded good, where's the tough part?