Friday, May 29, 2015

Ouch ouch fuck fuck

Yesterday at work I played in the students vs. staff softball game. And we have the worst student pitchers. The balls are thrown all over. And they have been playing softball for several weeks!

I can tell you the last time I held a bat - last year during the softball game on the last day of school. I hit pretty well last year despite sucky pitches. I think part of it was that this kid pitching today couldn't pitch to lefties. All of us lefties were getting horrible pitches.

So we were playing. I struck out my first at bat, and was swinging at random shit. In the 8th I made my final at bat, and at bat, I hit a ball that made it to about 2nd base. When I hit I don't know if I was in surprise, but I took off running, or maybe hadn't yet. I made a small jump, came down on my knee, am starting to tremble, and feel my right leg extend to the right as I'm coming down. I'm losing my balance, but manage to keep my grace and stay on my feet, and make it to first base. I made it. WHEW. SAFE. It must be a muscle spasm or something, but it hurts like hell. It is my side calf and front calf that hurts. I knew this would hurt for days. I am hoping it is just a spasm. It is not a sprain. It doesn't feel like the bone. But OH... it hurts. I am walking around like the senior history teacher, with a limp. I already have a terrible left knee, so this isn't welcoming news. I'm optimistic it is only temporary.

All I could think about after the injury was ouch ouch fuck fuck.

I massaged it - whether or not I should have - it felt better. I also iced it most of last night. I had my leg up on the couch all night. Now I'm going to go into work stumbling around like a fool today.


dan said...

Meester... su boca! por favor!!! ha ha :)

dan said...
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