Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Propping up the little man

I have some insane coworkers - I have had several I've been unable to connect with. There are a few that I have somewhat of a friendship with.

Big Science Teacher is one of those - I guess that's' what I will call him from here on out - he is the biggest pessimist. Bitches and complains about everything, and everyone. He is super critical, and is a huge Angel's fanatic. His heart is in the right place. He cares for the kids, he cares about society, and he complains when any interest other than that comes into play.

It has taken me a year to become friends with him.

Today we had a bonding moment. We talked about our students, our problems, why we have a hard time.

He made a comment about how he is suddenly being invited to all these conferences and is in good graces with admin.

I didn't tell him, but part of that is me.

I am still perplexed. I've been at this school a year, as of tomorrow, and I still don't fit in. I don't bash anyone. I simply recognize those who do a good job and care. It perplexes me that I am suddenly being approached by the principal for my opinions on staff who should attend conferences, those who are tech savvy, and those who care. And what Big Sci doesn't know is I'm his biggest advocate behind the scenes. He knows tech, he cares about the kids, and he is anal about the kids being prepped for everything, like me.

But its people like this who often don't get the recognition they deserve.

And he is one of a handful of coworkers I can stand.

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Aek said...

The "movers and shakers" aren't usually the ones with the loudest voices I find. Some people talk big but can't walk the walk. I see here too.