Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Quick update

Super busy. I've been pulling 10 hour days, as opposed to the usual 7. I'm not complaining. It hasn't been bad. I've got a bunch of new duties now that I'm going toward my admin credential. I am in charge of several new programs at school. I'm getting to play administrator too by serving as admin designee. I also teach sometime in between all of this. I'm on 5 different committees right now. I have yet to feel like I'm spreading myself too thin - soon, I'm sure I will. A couple of these things, 3 of the committees, are required requisites for my admin credential. I haven't been stressed or feel like I have a lot of extra pressure. I know how to work hard and work efficiently. I know how to use my resources, and I am doing all of those right now. I don't have stress, it is just physically exhausting.


 Labor Day Weekend, last weekend we were in Phoenix. Hung out with my partner's coworker. Metrosexual straight men amuse me. He hugged and kissed both of us before he left when we said goodbye for the night.

This weekend my partner is gone and I'm doing an LA day trip with my parents.

The following weekend is a concert in San Diego, so we will be down there all weekend.

The weekend after that we are staying at the LA County Fair

We haven't traveled this much in months, and I am so excited.

Christmas Break is planned. NY/PR

Spring Break is also planned. México

Summer is in the works.

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SCalRF said...

Seems our schedules are off-set by a week. I did LA last weekend, and I'm doing San Diego for a concert this weekend :)