Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Morning News

I used to love my morning news, the KTLA Morning News, Good Day LA, and GMA. I loved Michaela Pereira and Frank Buckley, and could stand watching them. Frump then took over the anchor chair when Michaela went to CNN. I can't stand Frump, that's my name for her, Jessica Holmes. She looks so out place most of the time. She doesn't have a real news background. She doesn't have weather certifications like CBM.

This was her past before coming to KTLA:

She cannot get off the set fast enough. I hope she takes a really long maternity leave and Lynette Romero fills in the entire time. I could stand that. I could watch the show for maybe more than 10 minutes to get the top headlines.

I can't watch Good Day LA post Dorothy and Jillian. I just don't like any of the people on there. It seems like bimbo hour.

I find these days I watch KTLA for 10 minutes at the top of the hour to get the news, then head to GMA or CBS. It would be nice if there were a local show to watch, one that had a little less frump, and fewer bimbos.

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