Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Some thinkings of me

I have had a crazy ton of songs stuck in my head lately - here are some - not all of them are necessarily quality or favorites, but I keep hearing:


 --- An amazing song

They were pretty dang good in concert last night ---

- Saw Brandi too, she was very good

Saw No Doubt a few nights ago at the same concert...

Also been super busy with work pulling 8 hour or more days - I've been acting principal, teaching, testing coordinator/tester, on nearly every committee... all because of my admin credential

Had the most amazing weekend wtih my partner. Love him more and more. I was thinking the other day how I truly love and share everything with him, and care so much.

Bought a Chromebook the other day. It is fun, but can't access the portal for my online class. Ended up giving it to my dad in the meantime. I have a feeling one is in his future.

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