Thursday, October 13, 2011

I hope I didn't make him mad

I think my BF was expecting me to be at his house tonight when he got home from his business trip. He asked me when he was on his layover if I was at his house, and I told him no. He texted me when I got home and asked where I was. His texts seemed short after. Ugh. I want to bring it up to let him know I'm sorry- thinking of texting him in the morning, and just saying something like "wish I were there waking up next to you," or something like that to show I wish I were there, or "wish I could wake up every morning next to you." Or should I come straight out and say, "I am sorry about not coming over last night and meeting you when you got home from your trip. I hope you weren't mad," and wish him a good day. Ugh. I hate being the overanalyzer.


fan of casey said...

Mike: If he really was expecting you to see him, you can apologize -- but I don't think you need to add the "I hope you weren't mad" -- if he was/is mad, he'll tell you or give you clues.

Joey said...

I don't think you need to apologize. If he wanted you to come over, he should have said so. You should not feel guilty or upset that you weren't at his house. There is no need for you to be at his beck and call.

Honestly, I think he is ready for you to move in with least, that is the way it sounds to me.

Take care, my friend!

Aek said...

Stop over-analyzing!!