Tuesday, October 18, 2011


I forgot to mention, but The Guy and I hung out last Monday. I had himwork on my computer. I had a minor faux pas that I was hoping he could correct, but it left him perplexed. A trip to the Apple Store is in order. Mike and I are going to his party this weekend.


Mike and I were texting during my lunch break and he asked if I wanted to go to Yoooosemite. Sure, why not? We'd talked about going. I told my coworkers who were in the room at the time, Lipstick Lesbian, and Hangs on Every Word. They were jealous. I just said it is a perk of a great guy- a guy who takes me where I want to go.

After work I head to his house. I tried to get out by 3:30, but it didn't happen. It was a tough day and I had several battle scars... lol. I am the biggest klutz. Once I am done head to his place. We take off a few minutes later to the airport for a car. We think about a Ford Edge for a moment, but decide on a Volvo XC60 despite his dislike for other Volvos, but we figured if we were going to be outdoorsy, we should go all the way with that AWD vehicle. We go in to change his reservation a bit, then we are off.

We drive to a basque restaurant we went to last time where we both dine on fried shrimp and other fun stuff. WE had about a 30 minute wait in a bar. One guy at the bar, a hick cowboy type, asks me if I was the one hit by a car outside of the restaurant earlier because of my battle scar from work earlier. All Mike could do was laugh. We eat, then as we are leaving, we both use the bathroom. I am walking out and one of the cowboy guys puts his hand on my dick as I walk by him- like he feels my package through my jeans- he has a beer in his hand, and I am walking out to where Mike is. I tell Mike and he just laughs. He tells me I was toasted because I had several glasses of wine. He gets some pleasure that I feel violated. Don't grab my dick unless you are my boyfriend, thanks.

We make it to Frezno where we stay at a hotel for the night. We both fall asleep shortly after we arrive. We are up at 7 on Saturday. We take some time getting ready, then leave about 9:15 to Panera. We go to Fresh & EZee for wood, plasticware, salads, breakfast, and cookies. We also stop at Rite Aid. We are then off to Yoosemite.

It is about a 2 hour drive, but it is fun. We talk and pass time pretty easily. We get to the park and start out exploring at the top looking at the Half Dome and other points of interest. We drive down to the bottom after a couple of hours where we find our campsite and set up for the night. We unload the car and then catch the bus, get off the bus, and make our way to a hotel for a bar. We have awful chips and salsa that we douse in salt and pepper. Then we go across the way for some so-so French onion soup and Caesar salad. I am toasted yet again- or so Mike thought- so we head back to the campsite.

We set up our fire where Mike pours wine, and I am again toasted. We go through 1 1/2 bottles of cheap wine from Fresh & EZee. We talk about my boy scout years as we sit at the fire, his camping experiences, family, and a few other topics. Fun stuff. We are watching fellow campers go to bed 1 by 1. We make it to bed about 10:15, but we play around and cuddle for a while. It was fun to play and know that there was a couple with a kid on the other side of the wall. We were quiet. We both fell asleep until nearly morning. I think I had my hand surrounding him the entire night. We woke up and I was again horny and insisted that we play. He was too, thankfully. We are by now wet and need to shower. We head to the shower. He pass├ęs me the soap and other items as we take our showers. Fun times.

We clean up at our campsite and talk about how "eco-friendly" we were in comparison to other campers- never mind the 4 bundles of firewood. We drive around and check out the big Awahnee Hotel.

We leave about 12 and head to the outlets in Tularee. We stop at Basss so that Mike could get a few shirts since he liked the ones we got a few weeks back. We decide to do a late lunch at Bravo Farms, the cheese place at the outlets. IT WAS SOOOOOOO GOOD, and the guy who served us was so friendly. Indee-in tacos are my new favorite thing.

We get back home about 8 and I stay at his place since I still have clothes around. We watch Desperate Housewives and Real Housewives before bed.


I'm up early for work and shower. I have a pretty good, yet busy day at work. I leave work earlier than usual to pick Mike up after taking his convertible to the repair shop. We head home and watch lots of Ellen on Tivo and have some more wine- I don't get toasted this time. He makes his proscuitto bake again. Delish! Lunch for the week for me! Woo! We both fall asleep to Desperate Housewives about 9:30. We go in and brush our teeth, and I fall asleep quickly after.


I get up and have a fashion emergency. I picked up the wrong pants last week and these pants are 3'' too wide around my waist. I borrow a belt of his and then decided to wear my shirt tail out to fix that. It was no bueno. I felt so dumb.

After work I head home for shots and to visit con la familia. We dine and get flu shots.

So now I'm home and working on lesson plans for school..................... woo.


fan of casey said...

Mike: Do you get hangovers from too much toasting?

Aek said...

Sounds like a great few days overall. :-)