Sunday, October 9, 2011

Kitty psych

It was a fun weekend...


Thursday afternoon I planned to head to Mike's, but some family drama made it so I had to rush home to handle that since my mom couldn't be reached. It was nearly 8pm before I was done


Friday at work was pretty good. I learned and got some clarification on some policies, which was nice.

Friday afternoon I headed over to my love's house. He was starved and was cleaning when I arrived. He was running the vacuum. He put that away and we headed to Chilis for a margarita, chips, nachos, and spinach & artichoke dip. I told him about the issues with my dad on Thursday, the conference for work, and about my favorite lesbians. We went to Ontario Mills after to shop. He didn't say where we were going, but I am glad we did. We went to Marshalls, then I told him I wanted to go to Nordstrom Rack despite it being halfway around the mall and him having to walk. He tried to give me the keys so I could get the car for him.

We go back to his place where we both fall asleep on the couch. He hadn't been feeling too well this week. We go to bed about 11 or 12. We kiss and he holds me as he leans over on me as we fall asleep, which was so romantic.


I had to get up and go to work on a Saturday. I signed up to do home visits for several of my students with 3 other teachers from my department. There were about 15 of us teachers in total. I was up at 7 while someone who didn't have to work on Saturday laid in bed. I showered and headed to work. My favorite teachers were there, so we had a good time. It was really eye opening to see the kids and where they live- a 2 bedroom apartment with 10 people, a relatively nice house, a new house that looked to be falling apart, a house with a ton of dogs in front and windows shot out. It would have been great to see more of my kids. Went back to school when we were done and had lunch with our students/parents.

Head back to Mike's and tell him about my day. He was a little scared for me going on those home visits. We watch "Big Bang Theory," and I text my coworker, Blondie, my lesbian coworker, about going to dinner with her girlfriend. She and her girlfriend had a fight, which put that in jeopardy, but they reconciled, and we went about 5:00pm. We also watched some pet psychologist or cat doctor or something weird like that on Animal Planet who was giving all of these suggestions about cats socializing, so Mike heeds their advice and blocks all of his anti-social cat's hiding places and closes off all of the rooms in the house. She was nervous it seemed, but she was out and about.

Mike and I got to PF Changs at 5:30 and we were to meet at 6. We grabbed a margarita and green bean fries at the bar while waiting for the table. They arrive at 6 and we sit down at the table. A good 2 hours or so of laughs, making fun of each other, and lovers quarrels. We were getting very touchy, had our cute little lovers quarrels, talked about cruises, drag queens, and vacations.

We leave about 8:15, hug, kiss, and then head back to Mike's where he packs for his business trip. He showers. We fall asleep about 10pm snuggled up to each other, which I loved. The alarm goes off bright and early at 4am and he snoozes for 15 minutes. I hug him, see him off, and tell him that I love him while I continue to sleep.

I wake up and do some lesson planning. Woo. I've just been hanging out at his house this morning. The cat seems a little out of place, but so far is out more than usual.

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fan of casey said...

Mike: What's the purpose of doing student home visits? Is it a requirement to do or something that just enhances teaching because then you get a picture of the learning environment at home?