Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Visiting Friends

My BF was gone all last week, but I was pretty much over at his house to sleep since I was tired of people at times.

So here's a look at what I did do during my week.

I visited the chiropractor. I lunched with Blondie. I had some car maintenance done.

On Thursday I hung out with The Guy. It was good times. I had to take my car to get some repair work done on it. I shopped around at different dealers, and the dealer by his house is my preferred dealer because my mom knows everyone there, and we have bought 2 cars there before. I texted The Guy on Tuesday because I knew I'd be there all day with nothing to do. He told me to come on over to his place. Thursday morning came, he texted to be sure I was on my way. He had to go to work, so volunteered to come get me, picked me up, and then we went to his office. We chatted in the car mainly about the bus monitor incident, cars, and hybrids. He sets me up in an office while he fixes a printer. We head off to lunch after at the salmon place. We go to buy wine next door, and he ends up with an $80 bottle of wine that matched the wines/kitchen in his wine rack. We pick up the food, and meet his boyfriend. We eat lunch, make random chat, and then watch the Windows 8 keynote and keynote for the tablet with a keyboard they are putting out. We did that until my car was ready about 3:30, then he took me over to get it. We hugged and I said goodbye. I get my car, run into a girl who had my mom about 10 years ago when she was in middle school, and was so excited.

I go to the mall to shop, and run into someone else my mom knew from work. I pick up Mike at 6 - a few minutes late - because I ran into that lady at the mall. We go to dinner at Chevy's to catch up. He makes fun of The Guy, his boyfriend, and myself for being such nerds.

Spent the night together Thursday.

Friday we hung around together. He had a really bad day at work. His coworker made a huge screwup.  We go to Lay-z-Dog Cafe. That may be our new hangout. Delicious happy hour. Great pizza.

We woke up and had some fun on Saturday  - me laying on top of him. Saturday we visited our friends J & B. We stop at the mall I was at the day prior - I found some $220 Armani sunglasses for $48. I also saw some Prada ones that were $400 for $80. I may go back and buy them. Back to J & B. We went to their house, debated about the beach, ended up at their favorite fish restaurant. We had happy hour foods, discussed our vacation and thoughts on the cruise. We went to Cost Plus after where we ventured through the aisles, then off to another bar. We had 1 margarita each, then B figured since we were both on break we should have 3 mojitos to celebrate. They were good - and I don't like mojitos - I'm no rum fan. I really didn't like the rum the next day. I remember I paid for the drinks. I remember we went to Staters. I didn't remember we went to Trader Joe's, I vaguely remember my head out the window as I'm about to throw up. I remember being on the porcelain throne for a while throwing up. I remember Mike telling me a couple times that J&B were quite honored I was to this point, and it was only my 2nd time. Mike was asleep when I finally felt better, and went in to sleep with him.

I woke up Sunday feeling fine, yet extremely tired. I got up, showered, chatted, and didn't have a headache. Mike told me to go back to sleep while J and him went to get breakfast fixings. I slept for 2 hours and woke up to eat as they were finishing up. We chatted about hangovers and Mike's lost sunglasses that he ended up leaving in J's car.

I slept as Mike looked for his sunglasses, and we stopped at Nordstrom Rack where I found some $179 shoes for $19.

Back to Mike's where we lounge and he makes a delicious chili for dinner. Chili with potato. Hmmm.

Monday morning I have the dentist appointment. Damn hygenist was sick. Again. They only took xrays. I was elated, but Mike made me realize I should have been mad because that was a wasted visit.

I go home to visit the family where everyone is arguing and cleaning. I clean the bathroom, cut down a plant with my dad, and the hallway. My mom didn't tell me Linda and her friend Shana was coming over. She assumed I knew, so there was disagreement over dinner. I'd planned to eat with Mike. I think he was a little upset I didn't, but I was being guilted to stay because both of them wanted to see me. Oh, and then there was another issue. My sister's auto insurance is through the roof. Mike couldn't believe how much it was when I told him. I couldn't believe it either. It'd skyrocketed. Mine had went way up because of a ticket too. I am now paying nearly $1,200 every 6 months. I got a price quote with another insurance company and may be switching. I was subjected to the lecture too about money/insurance even though I give my dad money for mine. I'm hesitant to switch insurance companies because I'm happy with the one I have, but Mike assures me his insurance company, which happens to be the cheapest, is a good one. I go over to his house in the evening after Lind and Shana leave. Mike spends the evening packing.

Tuesday was good. I detailed Mike's car, got some car cleaning products at WallyWorld, and he took off for his flight before this. It'll be a surprise for him to see the car. I plan to whack the backyard later this week if my allergies permit. Family was in a better mood. Met up with them for dinner. Sister was a loon as usual. Creating false memories about the past. Belittling me for being stupid. I just pointed out to her that wasn't the case.

Today I'll help my dad in the yard and probably go over to the house to sleep.

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fan of casey said...

Mike: Your sis is delusional -- you should take her to the doctor to get examined.