Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Weekend getaways

Nearly every weekend between the past 3 and Christmas is booked. So thrilled. Loving it. It is really what is keeping me sane, besides a partner who will listen to me bitch about work, and everything else

Weekend before last was Laguna, which we had mussels at one of our favorite restaurants, then enjoyed wine and a fire in our hotel suite.

Saturday morning we ventured to Phoenix/Tempe/Tucson. Good times. We had nothing but amazing food all weekend. It was relaxing. Was great weather too. Bought lots of good stuff. Making fun of the BF and him making fun of me. Good times.

Next weekend is the all night Knotts Field Trip, and the beach again.

The following weekend we are hanging with our friends J&B, and the weekend after that is a shopping weekend.

Hopefully going to hang out with The Guy Friday. I need to see a friend. Hanging out with my former boss Thursday. Can't wait for either.

Bought a Macbook Air the other day. I had a very old 2007 Mac that I traded in. So far it is hard to get used to the small keyboard.

Songs I am listening to, and you should be too:

Need a massage badly ASAP. My hands have been knotting up lately, and it is hard to make a fist. I got a massage last month, and the therapist only focused on my hands, and it took like an hour to get the knots out. I got a massage last Wednesday, and same situation, she spent the majority of the time on my hands. I have no clue what's going on - i am not really doing anything different, or using my hands in new ways. Therapist on Wednesday said it is possibly knots in my tendons in my elbow, which I never heard of such a thing. Oh well... massage ASAP.

Disappointed I don't have tickets to see George Strait's farewell tour.

Wanting something fun to do for my birthday coming up.

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Aek said...

Man, you travel a lot!!