Friday, May 23, 2014


How do you manscape your pubic hair? 
Is it au natural?
Is it trimmed over with a trimmer?
Do you trim or shave your balls?

I'm curious. There's something sexy about an  au natural or nicely trimmed set of balls and cock. 

I typically shave my balls and will occasionally manscape taking a trimmer over the pubes. Sometimes I'll trim heavily around my penis because who wants pubes in your hand while you jack off? 

I am thinking trying new things - a more triangular landing strip like this... what do you guys think and do?


JoeBlow said...

I shave my balls and I shave my shaft, but that's it. I really don't see a need for any other manscaping.

Robert said...

I've never shaved down there, but I may just need to do that. Although the thought of having a razor down there. Yikes. lol

Robert said...

But I should also add that I do keep things trimmed and groomed. :)

Aek said...

Sometimes I'll trim evenly and shave a little closer to the base. But I'm not hairy enough to warrant shaving my balls, lol.

But the triangular landing strip just makes me laugh. Looks ridiculous on most people, haha.

Anonymous said...

I also shave my shaft, balls and base. I like things tidy but agree with Aek about how silly too much manscaping can look.