Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The new job

So here's the lowdown

The Good
- Almost no stress, and I don't come home needing a drink every night according to Mike
- The kids know that since they are at a continuation school this is their last chance to shape up, so most are pretty good.
- A lot less planning on my end since it is packet work and setting up my syllabus at the beginning of the year will carry me the entire year.
- Easy lesson planning
- Admin is laid back and supportive
- Max class size is 25
- Next year I plan to teach things i'm passionate about - critical reading and writing, and I can. Woo.
- The cafeteria lady and custodian are the nicest people at the school. They really are genuine, concerned, sweet people

The Bad
- The hours - 11:30-7pm has required me to completely readjust my schedule. Still get up at 6, but go to the gym, do yard work and clean, then eat breakfast, and shower. Getting off at 7 threw off my dinnertime - now 8 or later instead of 5. BOO. Oh, and 12am is my new bedtime it seems instead of 10:30.
- The fulfillment - this is not really a fulfilling job, but after 3.5 years of extreme stress I'm ready for a change. I think me being able to teach next year rather than just sit at my desk will be more fulfilling.
- The teachers - most unfriendly and rude people you have ever met. One dude was trimming his nose hair in the lunch room with his electric trimmer. Who does that? Another was talking about how he was wanting to cheat on his wife he married 3 weeks ago because she wasn't giving him sex. These aren't people I want to surround myself with. When I say hello I'm ignored. I miss friendliness.
- You don't have to dress up- I was a shirt and tie guy at my old school, as were all the male teachers. It was what was expected. Here, there's a guy, who everyday wears an orange shirt with a rhinoceros on it, brown cargos, has a green or orange mohawk depending on the day, ears pierced, and combat boots. I believe you dress for the job, dress for success, dress professionally, and so this is a disappointment. I am dressing down a lot in fact, and doing button downs and jeans most days.
- The lady I share a room with is bipolar in her thoughts and what she says according to staff.
- Happy hour is from 3-6, or 3-7 depending on where you go. No cheap food and drinks for me...


Anonymous said...

Never found a perfect job but seems like you have a good handle on your new one. :)

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fan of casey said...

As long as pros outweigh the cons, you are good for the immediate time. This gives you a chance to contemplate what you want to do next. It's a stepping stone to a better future.