Sunday, May 4, 2014

3s the charm

Finally met up with our friends J and B. We haven't seen them since November or so. Lots got in the way. The first time B had been sick, the second time something else happened, and the 3rd time was 2 weekends ago when Mike was in bed sick all weekend with some stomach virus. It almost became a 3rd time we had to reschedule when J's grandma died Thursday. She was 101.

We chatted last weekend and bought groupon tickets to an Angels game.

Met up at their house about 4pm yesterday. Showed off Mike's new car. Mike got a new Chevy Volt. It is the coolest thing. Seriously. We drove to the game in it, and parked at the brewery right by the stadium. We had a couple beers, then meandered to the stadiuM. I sat next to B about half of the game, talking about work and other random stuff. Then we got up halfway through the game and found new seats where we could better see the fireworks. J and I sat spotting cute guys and determining whether they were straight or not. Angels won. Fireworks after the show were awesome. As we were walking back to the car we found a baby kitten that we were trying to rescue - he was nowhere near his mommy and seemed all alone. Scared little thing, though. So we were off to Yogurtland for some treats.

Good night overall... glad we got to get together

Other happenings- we put one of our cats down this week. He had kidney disease, which basically there's no recovery from unless she was going to have constant injections and something equivalent to dialysis.

Had breakfast with my dad this week now that I work nights.

Hung out with E from my old school, and her husband, Mike. We went to a brewery on Friday night, which was really good. They had a food truck too,w which was so-so. Asian fusion.

Our patio is done. We have had a patio cover put in that is about a quarter the size of the house - it is half enclosed and half open. Been buying stuff for it. We are out on the patio right now enjoying it.


Aek said...

What do you do now working nights?

Mike said...

I'm teaching. At a continuation school. I work 12-7. Weird hours. I miss happy hour.

Aek said...

Noon to 7pm or midnight to 7am? o_O

fan of casey said...

Too bad about your cat. Dialysis is tough.