Tuesday, August 26, 2014


Remember how often we used to be asked that ubiquitous in the good ol' internet days?

Well, I'm following what Joe at Closet Professor has done to find out a little more out about who is reading my blog...

I also want to know your A/S/L, how, how did you hear about my blog, how long have you been reading it, and tell me a little bit about yourself. I am curious to know...

You can do it anonymously, or with your blogger handle.

I'll start...

Age: 27
Sex: Male
Location: Southern California
I'm a high school teacher, been partnered with an amazing guy for nearly 5 years. I love to travel, eat out, cook, and technology.


Robert said...

Age: 42
Sex: Male
Location: central Iowa
I'm a middle school teacher, married to my husband for 4 years now, but been together for 19. Love to read, cook, trivia, volleyball and travel

Joe said...

My name is Joe, I am a male, I live in Alabama, and I have been following this blog from the first day I started it a little over 4 years ago. Oh, and I am a 36 years, high school social studies and English teacher and occasional part-time college instructor looking for full time employment as a college instructor.

Xtremeforce said...

Age: 38
Sex: Male
Location: Massachusetts

Network Admin. I have been partnered for 15 years and it will be 3 years in October that we have been married. I love to travel, Cook, be with family.

I found this blog out by surfing from one to blog to another and I keep coming back.

James said...

Age: 34
Sex: Male
Location: Maine

I just found this blog and really enjoy your posts. I came out later in life but am happily partnered now.

tuls said...

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
I just found your blog while bloghopping. Keep writing! :) I work in the healthcare industry, loves travelling, good food, good music and good craic! Just got out from a relationship while sorting out life priorities.