Wednesday, August 20, 2014


I'm so lucky I've got to go to so many concerts this year... Dolly, Cher/Cyndi, Reba... 

Coming up next month we are going to go see Jennifer Nettles. She's country with a little rock mixed in.

I WILL NOT miss Chris Cagle when he comes into my area in November. I have missed him 3-4 times. It looks like I'll be going to this concert alone as he's too twangy for my partner.

And I want to go see Luke Bryan badly at the Hollywood Bowl. Those tickets sold out FAST - I didn't even have a moment to get my hands on them. My partner and I want to go with our favorite bartender from our favorite restaurant. She's in love with him, as am I. We just don't want to pay $125+ for seats in the last few rows. Luke Bryan and an outdoor picnic with wine under the LA sky would be so amazing. 

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