Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Images of the future

So my mom had surgery last Wednesday - she had a hip replacement. She'd been having difficulty walking, was using a cane, and stumbling from side to side. 

I went down to the hospital to be with her before school Wednesday, and stopped by after. She was sleeping. It was haunting walking into the hospital wing and seeing my mom there laying in a hospital bed, in a dull blue gown. I went in Thursday to see her after the surgery, and she was tired, but in good spirits, but nodding off. I could only think I hope this is not something I ever want to see again. She is healing pretty well - using 2 canes at times, and doing physical therapy. She was released from the hospital Saturday night. That's the longest she was ever in a hospital. 

So I went to see her last night, and saw another image I don't ever want to see again. She was in her new chair, the kind that has the motor to lift you up and off the chair. Her usually well coiffed hair was not. She had no curls left, and had all of her hair in a bun on the top of her head. She just didn't look herself - and I know nothing could be done - but that image stuck with me and kept me up all night. I know our parents age, change over time, sometimes the progression is gradual and sometimes it is more obvious. But to see my mom in a way I have NEVER seen her over these past few weeks has been disturbing. I hope I never have to see this in the future...

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fan of casey said...

Unfortunately having your parents age and running into more health problems is a distinct possibility. Hopefully her recovery goes well.