Wednesday, August 27, 2014


I am going to toot my own horn because I feel like it is necessary. I have had a difficult time at my new school. I like the kids. I like admin and the support staff. I dislike all but 3 of the teachers. I may not like the staff, but I try damn hard at my job. I have had more praise in the past 3-4 weeks at work than I have had in 3 years at my other school. And it means a lot.

The principal sent an email yesterday saying how it was so refreshing that I am a go getter and easy to deal with. I assume it is because so much of the staff is so hard to deal with and unfriendly.

He came in my room to tell me how impressed he was with everything other teachers have told him about me has been positive, how I am always on top of everything, and get everything done so efficiently. He said he wished he had come into my room last year because he is so impressed with everything I have done.

The vice principal last week told me that the kids love me, and she wanted to thank me for that.

And I love there is so little stress.

I just hate working nights and dealing with unfriendly people.


fan of casey said...

Congrats! It's always nice to know your efforts are appreciated in a tangible way -- open praise is one way.

Anonymous said...

Congrats!! glad mostly everything is working out for you job-wise.