Friday, January 16, 2015

Almost there...

Need a weekend badly. Badly.

Work is kicking my arse. Teaching an extra class - that's not the problem. AC is out in my room again. Moving rooms period to period and lugging my crap takes a toll emotionally and physically. lol. 4 days and I'm tired of it. I was telling one teacher I chose not to teach Monday and gave the kids bookwork, and that translated into 4 days of it because it is easy when I'm moving from room to room each period.

Getting back into the gym swing. Went Monday, Tuesday, Thursday morning and afternoon. Proud of myself.

I walked an average of 15,000 steps a day in NYC - my steps now are like 6-7,000.

Need a massage badly. Have an appointment next week with My Chola as I call her. Hands hurt; lower right back has a knot, as always; have a knot in the back of my left leg; and of course my feet.

We got another cat. Like him already.

Parents going through a nightmare kitchen redo.

My mom has to have her hip re-replaced due to doctor error.

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