Thursday, January 15, 2015

Take a moment to enjoy The View

I am a morning TV junkie. Love my GMA and CBS Morning News. Today Show is a no-go until my favorite drunks, Hoda and Kathie. I flip back and forth between Hoda and Kathie, and The View. After all the stories about the ratings and the rumored firing of Rosie Perez, I decided to vent about my thoughts:

My team:
Rosie O, Whoopi, Eva Longoria, Nicole Wallace

- I like Rosie Perez, but if they're going for a latina, how about Eva Longoria? She has the credentials - restauranteur, actress, opinionated, a degree in Chicana studies.

- The ratings are down because there are no big fights this year. There are, but they're shut down, and Whoopi throws it to commercial. Let them continue. That's why I watch.

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