Thursday, January 22, 2015

Top 13 LA Anchors

Thrillist released a list of what it thought were the top 13 newscasters in Los Angeles.
Not everyone agreed with the list. KTLAentertainment reporter Sam Rubin wrote on his facebook page, “In what is clearly an error of judgement of the highest order not a single KTLA on-air staffer is included in what can only be described as a bogus baker’s dozen.”
Here’s the list from 13 to number one: 13) Steve Edwards 12) Fred Roggin 11) Pat Harvey 10) John Ireland 9) Dave Bryan 8) Bri Winkler7) Marc Brown 6) Fritz Coleman 5) Jim Hill 4) Colleen Williams 3) Chuck Henry 2) Christine Devine and #1) Dallas Raines.

I disagree completely with this list - here are my 13, and my list in my opinion has much more merit. 

13. Dave Lopez (KCBS/KCAL) - He doesn't anchor, but he's a reporter. He is one of the best around. He always tells the story differently than any competitor, finds the human interest in it, and gives sides a lot of reporters don't.
12. Pablo Pereira (KTTV 11) - Famous background - grandpa has Oscar awards. He focuses on atmospheric science stories, drives an electric RAV4, is sexy, and knows his stuff. He's been on KABC, KNBC, and KTTV. He knows LA. 
11. Garth Kemp (KABC 7) - Keeps me entertained, knows his weather, and likes animals. Oh, and my mom likes him, which says a lot.
10. Henry Dicarlo (KTLA 5) - He knows when to be funny, when to be serious. He is a sharp dresser and damn sexy. He is also a meteorologist and sports guy. 
9. Rick Dickert (KTTV 11) - He may be young looking, but he's damn sexy, he is versatile and does traffic/weather. He was the first Certified Broadcast Meteorologist in LA. He is sometimes heard on NPR.
8. Alysha DelValle (KABC 7) - She's all LA. She is a sexy latina. She knows alternative routes. She shouts out to her WAZE users every morning. 
7. Robert Holguin (KABC7) - Anchor and reporter. Great and knowledgeable storyteller. 
6. Dallas Raines (KABC 7) - His moves, his suits, his weather knowledge.
5. Marc Brown - (KABC 7) - Anchor and reporter. Covered most major events in the city since the 90s. 
4. Michelle Tuzee (KABC 7) - Professional, always dressed professionally.
3. Rick Chambers (KTLA 5) - I remember him covering the LA Riots, I remember his suspenders he used to wear. He is professional
2. Colleen Williams (KNBC 4) - A fixture on LA news since the 80s, credible and reliable.
1. Pat Harvey (KCBS 2) - Versatile, classy, great anchor, always professional dress, and great storyteller

In regards to what Sam Rubin said about no KTLA people on the Thrillist list,  I am not surprised. Few people probably know about Frank Buckley's CNN days. I can't call Courtney Friel, Chris Schauble, Megan Henderson or Jessica Holmes authoritative or good anchors. Micah Ohlman, I mean he's Paul Moyer's nephew. Paul Moyer would have made the list, but Micah acts like he is trying too hard. 

How the hell is Christine Devine #2? I have chronicled my dislike for her over the years

And Bri Winkler? She's small market. She came from like Amarillo, Texas. I can assure you it is not for her forecasting abilities. 

Fritz Coleman is hard to watch, though he is a fixture in LA, and a comedian. 

I do like Fred Roggin and John Ireland - both are versatile and have radio shows, and extensive sports knowledge. 

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