Monday, April 27, 2015

On the cusp of something good

I've blogged about my coworkers several times before. I have to say I put in so much less work than at my previous school, but I know I am still effective. I have implemented the new standards effortlessly, have been sent to several trainings, have been asked to take new leadership roles on campus (one of the lead testing teachers for the new state testing, lead staff development, and more). I was just elected to that state committee. Now I am receiving a district honor in a few days. I recently also just applied for a technology grant and am receiving thousands of dollars for my classroom to go completely paperless. I am starting my admin credential - not because I want to be a principal, I have no want. I want to just have it to use for maybe something related to curriculum. But in the meantime I have no want - I like where I'm at - I don't work real hard, but I work efficiently, and am rewarded. I like that I have the respect of students and admin. But I feel something amazing, some incredible opportunity may be around the corner for me with all the successes I've had this year at this school. Its hard to describe this feeling - like when you know you're onto something, and you feel good, that's how I feel. Like when you know you are about to rewarded for your success...

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