Friday, April 17, 2015

Local/national/world news

I remember the good old days of watching KCAL Prime 9 News with Pat Harvey and David Jackson.

David Jackson would be in the field reporting from somewhere in California.

I remember later Kerry Kilbride and Jane Velez Mitchell. Jerry Dunphy was at 9pm.

The first hour, 8pm, they would focus on stories specifically about California, local news/issues, what was going around the state. 9pm would focus on nationwide news, and 10pm was world news if I recall correctly.

Why don't stations do that at 4, 5, and 6pm? There's some days I watch the news and it is so repetitive. Definitely cover the most important stories at the top of each hour that have a local impact, then tell us what is going on around the nation and world. I am sure it has to do with limited resources, but there's sources news stations can turn to (AP, affiliates, etc.) for content.

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