Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Guys wearing rings

Do you wear a ring?

I did for many years - I had even as a kid from practically the day I was born. I had a neighbor who was from South Africa and said it was a tradition and sign of good luck. She always made sure I had a ring. I wore one up until at least high school I'd say, and then again in junior year when I got my class ring. I stopped around the end of high school, but have been again recently. I found my class ring a few weeks back, had it resized, and it fits. I know I graduated several years ago and it isn't current - I don't have a college ring, but I have a beautiful white gold ring with a blue sapphire stone that is very different from the traditional rings, and the topic of guys wearing rings/class rings came up in one of my classes when a kid asked what they were. I told, and promised to wear mine. The kids think it's the coolest thing... next to my watches...

Maybe I need a new ring... like a ring on my finger... lol.

I've seen so many guys, guys I know who are not engaged, married, just wearing rings. Is it in? Have they been doing it all along?


Nicholas said...

When I was about 16 I bought this really pretty, hippy kind of homemade ring made of dental gold. I wore it for a couple, until I got an old ring of my dad's (sterling silver and a blue stone of some kind). I wore that until the stone loosened, then wore a jade ring and a jasper ring that my Taiwanese friend bought for me. The jasper ring doesn't fit me any more (neither does the gold one), and I gave the jade ring to my Mongolian friend's son.

At the end of college, I finally got a nice 10k gold ring with a nice synthetic emerald (I just thought it was glass for a long time, lol). It's a 14 and fits on every one of my fingers, thumbs included. It goes on my right middle finger, though, and indicates I have a BA. For Christmas, my sister helped buy me a sterling silver ring with a relatively large, naturally blue topaz. It's got three diamond chips on each side. This one goes on the left middle finger.

So, no, you're not weird. I think it's just a personal taste thing. I like shiny things, I like rings, and so I wear them. I'm not sure folks notice one way or another? Well, unless you're sporting a huge-ass turquoise and silver number that I bought from an antique's dealer (made by a Navajo artist originally). ;)

Buddy Bear said...

I've worn the Canadian engineer's "Iron Ring" for over 27 years. It is one of world's most famous rings. I no longer wear my wedding ring.

fan of casey said...

Mike: What? The kids don't notice your new shoes? Haha.

I used to wear a ring, a silver one with a small square cut light blue colored stone -- I had forgotten about it until this post. I haven't worn in it 15 years.

My other ring, only for special occasions, is a big gold ring, topped by a bright green jade oval. I wore it only to weddings.

I now prefer to go ringless.

I know this is stereotyping but I would think gay guys wear rings on other appendages. :-)

JP said...

I wear my crew ring pretty much every day. It's silver with small crossed oars running around the outside band. I got it at my last regatta during my senior year of high school along with a few of my teammates; it holds some great memories for me.

Aek said...

I do see many guys wearing rings. And yeah, not all of them married or whatnot.

I personally disliked wearing rings or bracelets or watches. I'll wear them for a while, then I get lazy and forget to put them on again . . .