Friday, January 13, 2012

Making me fall in love

Here's some excerpts from the past month or so together that have made me fall in love even more with Mike

1. The quality time

2. Seeing the resemblance in each of his parent's to him

3. His mother asking him if he wanted wine in the warehouse club was cute

4. He took me to see Rockefeller Center, despite not wanting to, then passed it off like it was his plan all along to go, though he vehemently denied wanting to go

5. Our NY Day kiss since we missed NYE

6. We were able to have an open conversation about little habits we notice about each other like my similarities for my mom, yet we're respectful

7. Not wanting to do something, I suggest it, then it was like it was his plan all along

8. His know it all personality.

9. His respect for the job I do - I don't represent all teachers - and I pass the test in that I talk about my kids enough


fan of casey said...

He acknowledges you, he respects you, he treats you like an equal, he compromises for you -- the common interests in eating, shopping, and travel adventures all add up to great compatibility and chemistry -- time to get more serious to take it to the next level?

Aek said...