Friday, January 20, 2012

One day when I am rich

Inspired by a lunchtime conversation with coworkers - we tried to outdo each other with our "when I am rich" scenarios...

I will buy my BF and I matching laptops.

I will buy some ridiculous item like LV or Coach men's tennis shoes

I will buy some ridiculously expensive Coach or LV messenger bag

I will buy a Lexus, Acura, or Cadillac (hey, I'm a sucker for the sexy SRX and CTS)

I will buy a LV or Diesel iPad case and wallet

Enough of the brandwhore...

I will go skydiving

I will go drop $500 in Vegas

I will take cooking lessons

I will send my parents on a cruise vacation - actually hope to do that in the next year or so

I will pay off my student loan debts

What are some your "when I am rich" 1 liners?


fan of casey said...

Mike: What no house for you and your BF to live happily ever after?

You don't need to be rich to take cooking lessons -- just watch YT videos.

Instead of all spending items, you should have some savings things on your list -- for retirement.

Kelly said...

I would pay off my huge ass student loan and buy the new Range Rover Evoque... then a nice vacation with my huband somewhere surrounded my hot latin men

Aek said...

If I were rich . . .

I will pay off my student loan debts (this is #1).

I will travel the world.

I will establish a health clinic for low-income patients and have it staffed by mostly med and nursing students.