Monday, January 23, 2012

He met my closest cousin


Headed to Mike's after work. We went out and about in the city as I recall. We went shopping at F&E I think for quesadilla makings.


Ordered a Domino's Pizza about 4p.m. We slept on the couch from about 5pm to 7:30 after Ellen was over. I cleaned the bathroom while he slept. We fell back asleep from 7:30-9, then watched whatever was on, or the DVR.


I had a frustrating day at work since the A/C was out in my room, I had to cover another teacher on my prep, I had a bunch of work I didn't get done. I left work about 4. I leave work and head to Ralphs for tortillas, cucumbers, tequila, y más. The house is clean when I arrive back and Mike is showering. I spend a few minutes trying good margarita recipes and whipping up Ina's, Alton's, and Robert's from Food Network. My cousin showed up around 7:15- a little late. I introduced her to Mike, and we all seemed to hit it off. We talked about my dry (from alcohol) family, work, family, and Catholic school. My cousin leaves about midnight. I fall asleep almost instantly on the couch as I am exhausted.


Mike and I wake up about 9, then he fixes breakfast, we browse around on the internet. We go to Fry's about 2, then down to Whittier, then off to Fry's to return the iPod watch he bought. We find a sushi boat restaurant/conveyor belt in Rollind Hites. We were in a restaurant with only Asians- we thought it was amusing. There were also only 3 American cars in the parking lot we saw. Stopped at Target and got vegan sausage. get home about 7 or 8. We watch some super boring movie and I fall asleep on the couch. We head to bed about midnight.

Forgot to mention Mike, my anti-country boyfriend has fallen in love with this woman, and she serenaded us throughout SoCal...


Up around 9, watched the news, played with the kitties, showered, Mike made the sausage that was eh. About 2 I needed ice cream- he didn't understand - I craved it- I needed it - he joked about me not getting any yesterday because it was too cold. We go over about 3 cities and stop over near The Guy's for pizza and a delicious ice cream shake. I was satisfied. We headed home. I headed home about 5.

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fan of casey said...

Mike: Your weekly routine seems to always include Target -- you should invest in that company since you shop there so much.